The Face Book Tales of Bob Farrell

About 10 years ago I first spoke with the legend Bob Farrell on the phone. For about 56 minutes of that first hour he shared with me I just listened. Stories followed with side bars that mixed in with very technical tool and equipment information; I was absolutely floored that on the other end of the line was some combination of General Patton, Thomas Edison, Evil Knievel and Steve Martin.

At the time I had very young kids at home so once a week when they were down for naps I would call out to the Fire hooks shop in Wall, New Jersey and take in my own story time. I always said I should take notes but I would too often get lost in it and never fully transcribe what he was sharing. Then one day he did it for me, and many others. 

Bob began to share stories of the "War Years" in New York City as Face Book posts. Most were comedy, some tragic but all full of passion for the job and compassion for people. I felt these stories were too valuable to just leave in a news feed so I compiled them to the best of my ability and as true to his post as I possibly could into one document. The process spanned a two year period when he was very active with the stories and I would refresh an update every few months. Thankfully Bob wasn't the only one recording the history of that period in New York and I mixed into the document the photos of Jill Freedman and Dennis Smith. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, Thank you Bob for being an incredible leader in the fire service and in life! KEEP ON TRUCKIN YOUR BRO BRUSH

Fires in the Bronx as Told on Face Book from Bob Farrell